UFO Super Game by Dar Yar Electronics

Console Name: UFO Super Game
Alternate Named(s): Galaxy 16-Bit Power Play
Pegasus Mark II
PC Boy
Super Engine
Release Date: Unknown
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: Dar Yar Electronics (大雅電子股份有限公司)

Dar Yar Electronics (大雅電子股份有限公司) was Taiwanese company that produced Atari 2600 and Famicom clones.  Upon the release of the PC Engine Core Grafx (December 8, 1989), an updated model of the PC Engine which replaces the RF connector with an A/V port, Dar Yar Electronics released their first PCE clone called the PC-II (model DY-730) under the Jamiko brand. Around the same time, the company also released the PC Boy (DY-750), a clone of the newly release PC Engine, called the PC-Engine Shuttle. Made of a glossy black plastic, the PC Boy was very similar to the PC Engine Shuttle. Another version of the console was also released for the Brazilian market under the name Pegasus Mark II which was distributed by Miradeor Traders.

The problem with the PCE clones was the availability of the HuCard. As these systems were generally sold in markets where the PC Engine was not present, HuCard were hard to obtain. HuCard were also expensive to produce, so Dar Yar Electronics decided to kill two birds with one stone and to create their own PC Engine clone that would support their own cartridges format.

Dar Yar Electronic released 3 different systems : the UFO Super Game, the Galaxy 16-Bit Power Play and the Super Engine. The two formers used the PC-Boy mold, but this time around was white. Although both systems have a widely different version of the hardware, both consoles are very similar in terms of look and feature an extra cartridge slot on the top to accept the new “Super Engine” cartridges. Both systems kept the original HuCard slot and were therefore compatible with both the original HuCard and the Super Engine cartridges.

As these units appear to be rare nowadays, it is doubtful that that they ever achieve any success when it comes to market reach.

The consoles are supposed to be compatible with all PC-Engine games, but as the hardware is different, it is possible that some title will not work.  As for the games that fits in the second cartridge slot, at this time, only a few titles have been confirmed to exist:

  • Kung Fu: Mister King (A001)
  • Knight Rider Special (A003)
  • Side Arms (A014)
  • Formation Soccer Human Cup (A017)
  • Zipzang / Adventure Island (A022/A023)
  • PC Genjin (Bonk Adventure) (B003)
  • Batman (B031)
  • Din-Don II (C005)
  • Splatterhouse (C019)
  • Golf;
  • Legendary Axe;

Additional Reference: https://nfggames.com/games/pceclones/


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