UFO Super Game

Console Name: UFO Super Game
Alternate Named(s): Galaxy 16-Bit Power Play
Release Date: Unknown
Country of Origin: China

Very little in known about the UFO Super Game aside that it is a Chinese clone of the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx 16. The company behind the UFO Super Game created two versions of systems : the UFO Super Game and the Galaxy 16-Bit Power Play with widely different version of the hardware,

It is unclear when then systems were actually released, but as, the design is obviously taken from the PC-Engine shuttle, both these clones had to be released after November 22, 1989.  Both systems are PAL and both feature second cartridge port. This extra cartridge slot was created to allow the Chinese manufacturer to also sell bootleg cartridges of PC-Engine games.

As these units appear to be rare nowadays, it is doubtful that that they ever achieve any success when it comes to market reach.

The game is supposed to be compatible with all PC-Engine games, but as the hardware is different, it is possible that some title will not work.  As for the games that fits in the second cartridge slot, at this time, only two titles have been confirmed to exist:

  • Golf;
  • Legendary Axe;

Additional Reference: https://nfggames.com/games/pceclones/


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