Кроха by SKB Kontur (СКБ “Контур”)

Console Name: Кроха
Release Date: 1981 (Unreleased)
Country of Origin: Russia

The Кроха is a video game console that was developed in Russia. Very similar to the computer Специалист (The Specialist), a Russian computer released in 1985, the Кроха added to the design by introducing a graphic mode that was not present in the Специалист .

Although based on a computer, the Кроха had no keyboard. It supported two joystick and ROM based cartridges.  Only one cartridge was made containing the games Wall, Tetris, Caterpillar, Balls, Air Defense.

Only 200 of these were ever made and were given to the worker of the Техносвязь plant.


Technical Specification

  • Processor: K580VM80A 2 MHz
  • RAM: 2 KB
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