Why create a new website when there are already so many ?
First, I never found a website that lists all the obscure gaming console. The information is scattered around multiple sites and the quality of the information is often shady at best. As I was researching information on the console in my own collection, I came across a lot of very pertinent information and I wanted to share it with all the collectors and video game enthusiast out there.

What makes your information more accurate?
Unless specified otherwise, all the information in the site comes from extensive research with included interviews with the people involved in the making of the console, official press release, magazine/press article of the time, and so on. In case I based the information on an interview done on another site, I will put them in reference so that you can enjoy the original article. This process takes a long time and this is why I choose to release the information one console at the time instead of releasing a site with all the information as I have a feeling this will take years until I’m done.

So you own all the consoles and peripherals on your site?

I have an obscure console/peripherals not on your list, can I share it with you?
Although there’s a chance I just didn’t have the time to add this specific console to site (either by lack of time, information or because I don’t yet own the console/peripheral), it’s also possible I’m not aware of its existence as there’s so much failed/obscure console out there. You are more than welcome to contact me through Facebook and I strongly encourage you to share it with everybody else in our Facebook Group.

Some information on your website is inaccurate or you’re missing some information.
I don’t include in the site information I was not able to confirm, so it is possible that some information available on other websites are not included here or that are different. If you have a link to a credible source of information (interviews, press release, etc. … Wikipedia is not a credible source by itself), contact me through Facebook and I’ll be more than happy to rectify the situation.