Amstrad E-mailer Plus

Console Name: E-mailer Plus
Alternate Named(s): Amstrad E-m@iler Plus
Release Date: 2002
Original Price: £50
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Amstrad
Discontinued In: 2004
Predecessor: Amstrad E3 E-Mailer

In March 2000, Amstrad released the Amstrad E-mailer, and upgraded version of the PB1500 featuring an LCD screen and limited Internet dial up and email messaging capabilities. The phone used a Pay-as-you-use business model where Internet and email access were made via a premium-line phone number, engendering cost to the user. In fact, the E-mailer was even sold to the customer at loss hoping that they would recuperate the money overtime. In 2002, Amstrad decided to upgrade their offering with the Amstrad E-mailer Plus.

The Amstrad E-mailer Plus added the ability to play ZX Spectrum Games on the E-mailer. The game would be played from the keyboard as were played on the original ZX Spectrum hardware. As for the email and Internet connection, the gaming services used a Pay-as-you-use business model. Games were “rented” for a period of time after which they would delete themselves. The cost was either 50p for 4 days or £1 for 4 weeks.  As the E-Mailer had a limited amount of space, each game would also consume a number of blocks depending on its size. Smaller games were 1 block while the vast majority of games would be 5-6 blocks. The E-mailer would allow up to 35 block to be stored at one time on the phone.

In 2004, the E-Mailer Plus was discontinued and replace by the Amstrad E3 E-Mailer.


The E-Mailer Plus had lots of games divided in five categories :

  • Arcade / Shoot ’em Up Games
  • Arcade / Platform Games
  • Action / Adventure Games
  • Sport / Simulation Games
  • Puzzle / Strategy Games

Within each category, a number of games could be downloaded. With new games were being added from time to time. We weren’t able to find a full list of games, but here’s the one we have confirmed:

  • Space Raiders (2 blocks)
  • Galaxians (2 blocks)
  • Missile Defence (3 blocks)
  • Hostile All-Terrain Encounter (6 blocks)
  • Silkworm (5 blocks)
  • Eliminator (3 blocks)
  • Pheenix (2 blocks)
  • Cosmic Debris (Asteroid) (2 blocks)
  • Moon Cresta (5 blocks)
  • Donkey Kong (5 blocks)
  • Bubble Bobble (6 blocks)
  • Jet Set Willy 2 (6 blocks)
  • Bomb Jack (6 blocks)
  • Turbo Tortoise (4 blocks)
  • Prison Riot (5 blocks)
  • Manic Miner (5 blocks)
  • Rolling Thunder (5 blocks)
  • Tetris (? blocks)
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