Arcadia II by Toymax

Console Name: Arcadia II
Release Date: 2001
Country of Origin: United States of America
Manufacturer: ToyMax
Predecessor: Arcadia Electronic Skeet Shoot

The original Arcadia did pretty well, but an overheating problem ended up in the massive recall of all faulty cartridges damage the Arcadia Electronic Skeet Shoot brand. Even with the release of new cartridges for the system, the console was unable to regain any popularity. Thinking that a rebranding could be the solution, ToyMax decided to release an updated version of their systems.

In 2001, ToyMax released the Arcadia II. The console was virtually the same, but with an updated projection system that could now handle 4 different sprite at the same times instead of two. This had the advantage of lowering the development cost of both the console and the games, as the prior work could be reused in virtually its integrity.

Sadly for ToyMax, the current owner of the original Arcadia had little to no incentive to upgrade to the newest version as the games released alongside the systems were all upgraded Arcadia titles. Also, 3 years had passed since the release of the Arcadia and the both the toy and video games industries had evolved greatly, leaving no interest for projection based games.

Only 3 games were reported to exist on this system, but as they are exactly the same as their Arcadia equivalent (except for the number of sprites), more could exist.

  • Duck Shoot II
  • Meteor Attack
  • Fighter Attack
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