Bible Challenge by Excalibur Electronics

Console Name: Bible Challenge
Alternate Named(s): Bible Quest
Release Date: Unknown
Original Price: US$14.95
Publisher: Excalibur Electronics
Model Number: 479-SB / WCL-2009B

Excalibur Electronics, Inc. is an American electronics company established in 1992 with headquarters in Miami, Florida. The company manufactures such items as chess clocks, chess computers, radio-controlled cars, handheld electronic games and others.

Little is known about the origin of this console and its release date. The console was already up for sale when Excalibur Electronics website was first put in production at the end of 2005. Another version of the device called Bible Quest (WCL-2009B) also exist. It seems to be identical to Bible Challenge (479-SB), but without the Excalibur branding. This second version seems to be rarer than the former.

Only 4 cartridges were released for this console. Aside for the pack-in cartridge were available directly from the Excalibur Electronics for $7.95 each.

  • New Testament 1 –  Pack-In cartridge
  • New Testament 2
  • Old Testament 1
  • Old Testament 2

The Bible Quest version came with 1 game cartridges called “Bible Quest”, but are compatible with the games for the Bible Challenge.

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