Cassette Vision – Big Sport 12

Console Name: Cassette Vision
Release Date: Oct 20, 1981
Original Price: ¥4,000
Publisher: Epoch
Developer: Epoch
Number of Players: 1-4 Players

In September 1978, Epoch released the System 10, a stand-alone console  made entirely from discretely linked TTL chips. Before the released of the System 10, Epoch started to work on its successor called the Super 10,  another stand-alone console made of discrete logic. Short after the beginning of the project, Epoch and NEC jointly created a microprocessor (uPD77xx) that would later become the core of the Cassette Vision. The Super 10 was nearly completed when Epoch decided to scrap the project and to focus on microprocessor-based console.

The Super 10 concept was then adapted to for the Cassette Vision microprocessor and renamed the Big Sport 12.

The game is a combination of 12 different games. The first five are a variation of pong. Some of the games have four paddles on the screen, each one controlled by a different knob on the console. Technically, this means that 4 players could be simultaneously playing these games.

  • Tennis: A classical pong with two paddles by side.
  • Volleyball: A variation on Tennis, but with a wall made from a dotted line in the middle.
  • Practice: A two players squash game. One knob control the vertical position and the other control the horizontal position, meaning that you can move your paddle in all direction.
  • Football: A mix of Practice and Tennis. Each player can move their paddle in free form like in Practice, but the goal is to send the ball in the opening behind your adversary.
  • Squash: A variation on Practice.

The next 3 games are shooting game, but don’t require the pistol accessory. You control a paddle that can fire bullets.  The goal is to destroy the other paddle that will fall down on the left of the screen before it reaches the bottom. All of theses games are single player.

  • Shooting I: Exactly as per the description above.
  • Shooting II: A variation on Shooting I, with a dotted line wall that can block your shot.
  • Shooting III: A variation on Shooting II, with a moving dotted line wall.

The last 4 games required the pistol accessory and are also one player only.

  • Gun I: You must kill the bouncing target before it disappears.
  • Gun II: A variation on Gun I.
  • Gun III: You must shoot the correct target out of the nine on the screen.
  • Gun IV: Another variation on Gun I.

Since the gun required the uses of the four knobs and the pistol, this game is the only one that is not compatible with the Cassette Vision Jr.


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