Cassette Vision – Big Sport 12 Light Gun

Console Name: Cassette Vision
Release Date: 1981
Manufacturer: Epoch

Epoch released a Light Gun to go with the Big Sport 12 games. The cartridge contains a collection of 12 games, including 4 that required the use of the light gun. Strangely enough, the cartridge also contains 3 other shooting games (Shooting I, II & III) that doesn’t require the use of the light gun.

The gun connects to the console via the AUX connector. This is the only accessory available for the Cassette Vision and therefore the only peripheral that use the AUX connection. This connector was later removed when Epoch released the Cassette Vision Jr, a trim down version of the Cassette Vision.

The Cassette Vision pistol is modelled around theĀ  Mauser C96, a German produced pistol, that was in production from 1896 until 1937. It was the standard-issue sidearm for German soldiers in WWI and was occasionally wielded by Nazi soldiers during WWII.

The pistol is in fact the same as the one used with their System 10 console from 1978. That console was the precursor of the unreleased Super 10 console which was repurposed in Big Sport 12.

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