Colorvision by Romtec

Console Name: Colorvision
Release Date: 1984
Publisher: Romtec, / Altic / Bazin / Bristol
Discontinued In: 1985
Number of Games Cartridges: 5
Display: LCD

Very little is known about this console aside that the console was distributed by Romtec, Altic, Bazin and Bristol in 1984 and 1985. The console is often described as being manufactured by Romtec, but so far, no credible information has been found to support this claim. The device was, like most electronic console of the time, made by a third party and then distributed under different names in different regions of Europe. The box is in English, French & German, but only English & French version of the cartridges are known to exist. The box is the same for all four known variation of the console, with some distributor slapping a branding sticker on the box.

Each distributor had its own branding of the console:

Bristol Romtech Bazin Altic


A total of 5 games were released for the console. All games were available with either English or French labels. The cartridges only includes the sprites of the games as part for the LCD display. The actual intelligence of the games is pre-built in the console itself. Different contact between the pin in the cartridges would tell the console which games to load.

Beasts Planet
Planete des Bêtes
Horror House
Salle Des Horreurs
Jungle Boy
Fils de la Jungle
Monster Chase
Chasse Aux Monstres
Bataille Navale
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