Didget by Bayer

Console Name: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2009
Original Price: $74.99
Manufacturer: Bayer

In 2007, Guidance Interactive release of the GlucoBoy, a blood glucose meter for the Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS.  Bayer was very interested in the technology and in 2008, they purchased Guidance Interactive for more than 10 million dollars.

In 2009, Bayer released the DIDGET in UK, followed by the U.S. in April 2010. The DIDGET was basically an updated version of the GlucoBoy, made for the Nintendo DS or DS™ Lite .  The system was designed to reward kids for consistent testing. The peripheral came built-in with Knock ‘Em Downs™: World’s Fair video game and Mini Game Arcade . The game rewards players for performing a prescribed number of tests each day by bestowing points that speed the player through the game. Additional points are earned for staying within target blood-sugar ranges, which parents can program in.

Collector Note
Due to the limited target audience, the peripheral was never mass produced. The system is quite rare and is today a true collector item.

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