DINA 2 in 1 by Bit Corporation

Console Name: Dina 2 in 1
Original Name: Chuang Zao Zhe 50
Alternate Named(s): Telegames Personal Arcade
Release Date: 1986
Original Price: US$40
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Manufacturer: Bit Corporation
Built In Games: 1

The Bit Corporation was a Taiwanese game developer and console manufacturer. Founded in 1982, the company started to publish a few Atari 2600 games and to produce an Atari 2600 clone. In 1984, the company released the Bit 90, a computer based on the ColecoVision. As the North American video game market was experiencing the Video Game Crash, the hardware based on the ColecoVision didn’t attract much customer.  As the Sega SG-1000 was already out and were using basically the same hardware as the ColecoVision, Bit Corporation decided to use their experience with the Bit 90 and to create a console that could play both games for the ColecoVision and the SG-1000.

Taiwan Release
The console was released in 1985 in Taiwan under the name 創造者50 (Chuang Zao Zhe 50), which translates to Creators’ Invent 50. The design of the Chuang Zao Zhe 50 is very similar to the  SG-1000 II.The game pads are the same and they can be hosted on the side, as for the SG-1000 II. The numeric keypad that was originally on the ColecoVision controllers have been moved on the console itself. Having access to both the SG-1000 II and ColecoVision game library, the console enjoyed a certain success in Taiwan.  The console used the Sega SG-1000 controller pin-out makes it compatible with other Sega’s controller such as the Master System, but not with any ColecoVision controller. This limitation created some incompatibility with the games that required the Roller Controller, Super Action Controller , Driving Module Controller or 2 ColecoVision Controller . The Chuang Zao Zhe 50 also don’t implement the ColecoVision expansion port, making all external ColecoVision module not compatible.

U.S. Release
In 1986, the American video game company called Telegames approach bit Corporation to sell the Chuang Zao Zhe 50 under their own brand. Telegames which acquired a licence from ColecoVision to release a clone console, renamed as the DINA 2 in 1. Strangely enough, the system was identified on the box as Telegames Personal Arcade and not DINA 2 in 1.

By 1986, the Nintendo Entertainment System, a system vastly superior to both Sega SG-1000 and the ColecoVision had already been released in North America  The DINA 2 in 1 had little to appeal the consumer except its low price point. The first problem was the availability of the console. The system was sold as a mail-in order only and little to no advertisement was done around the launch of the console. The second problem was availability of the SG-1000 games. Since the SG-1000 were never released in North America, it was not easy to acquire them. The ColecoVision games were for their part readily available for cheap as the ColecoVision was discontinued in 1985, but since the DINA 2 in 1 was not fully compatible will all games and was less reliable than the ColecoVision , there was really no reason to prefer a DINA 2 in 1 over the original hardware.

The system included a built-in ColecoVision game, Meteoric Shower. Although the DINA 2 in 1 is compatible with most of the ColecoVision games, some games were not compatible, mostly due to the inability to connect the required ColecoVision controller:

  • Fortune Builder (need 2 separate keypads in two players, head-to-head mode)
  • Front Line (Super Action Controller game)
  • Rocky Super Action Boxing (Super Action Controller game)
  • Super Action Baseball (Super Action Controller game)
  • Super Action Football (Super Action Controller game)
  • Super Action Soccer (Super Action Controller game)
  • Super Cobra (second button to “bomb” does not work)
  • Turbo (Driving Module Game)
  • Victory (Roller Controller game)
  • Slither (Roller Controller game)


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