Domyos Interactive System by Decathlon

Credit: Talkkaris
Console Name: Domyos Interactive System
Release Date: December 2007
Original Price: 49€
Staff(s): Arnaud Meyer, Game Designer
Number of Games Cartridges: 8
Related to: XaviXPORT

After the release of the XaviXPORT in North America and Japan, the SSD COMPANY LIMITED had planned to release the console in Europe, but the release of the Nintendo Wii disrupted their plan. On November 19, 2006, the Nintendo Wii released worldwide with a similar premise as the XaviXPORT. Around the same time, Decathlon S.A. is a French sporting goods retailer, had the idea of creating video games that would be based on the use of a line of connected equipment gears. Decathlon reached out to many video game maker the of time and was exploring all options making game for actual console (PS3, Xbox360), PC or even create their own hardware. Decathlon finally reached out to SSD to see if a partnership with them could be feasible. SSD turned out to be the perfect candidate. It had a console ready to sell that never reached Europe before, a technology aimed at creating sports-based video game and a team of developer ready to go.

Although the release of the Wii was devastating for Xavix, this also created an opportunity in Europe. The success of the Wii showed it was possible to successfully gamify exercising and many companies started looking at integrating some kind of gamification in their products. In this context, SSD reached a deal with Decathlon S.A. is a French sporting goods retailer, to release their own version of the XaviXPORT called the Domyos Interactive System (DIS). The Domyos Interactive System would have its own set of unique games which are completely different than the XaviXPORT release. Both systems are regions locked, so games from one system cannot be played on the other.

Release in December 2007, under the Domyos brand, the system was launched all across Europe with their first game: the Domyos Step Concept. Although the games were still designed by SSD, Decathlon was managing the game design and project management of each release. As the games were designed to be used with real Domyos fitness products, the console felt less gimmicky than the XaviXPORT and was more considered being a real fitness product. Strangely enough, instead of distancing themselves from the Wii by targeting a different market segments, the system was often marketed as a cheaper alternative than the Wii.

The system was well received by the health & fitness press and  enjoyed  a certain popularity. It was even able to beat the Wii Balance Board in sale number in Spain. But by 2009, the Decathlon was already realizing that the DIS was using outdated technology. To stay competitive, Decathlon had planned for the future. The decision was made to send all future game development from the Domyos  brand to the Geonaute brand, which was the technological arms of Decathlon. Geonaute which had previously collaborated with Domyos on the DIS were put in charge of the future release and the future of the video game sector with Decathlon in general. After releasing a few more games, the Geonaute’s management decided to start working on the successor of the DIS. The company approached many hardware developers such as Koto Laboratory, maker of the WonderSwan, to create a new hardware concept, but as it is often the case, a change in the company’s management led to the DIS-2 to be cancelled.

10 games were released for the Domyos Interactive System.

Domyos Bike Concept
February 2008 – 79€

Domyos Fit’ Race
Domyos Fitness Adventure
Domyos Fitness Challenge
Domyos Fitness Dance
Domyos Fitness Exercise
Domyos Fitness Play
Domyos Fitness Training
Domyos Soft Fitness
2008 – 35€
Domyos Step Concept
December 2007 – 99€


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