Kinta’s Great Adventure

Console Name: XaviXPort
Release Date: 2006

The history of this game can be trace all the way back to 1975 when Reio Tsuboi released under this stage name, Norio Tsuboi aka Tsuboinorio(つボイノリオ), the song “Kinta’s Great Adventure” (金太の大冒険). This song would become Tsuboi’s masterpiece and it is said to be sung at karaoke as the favorite song by many celebrities, actors, and athletes such as Junichi Inamoto, Yuki Amami, and others./-

This was 5 years after he made this record debut under 3 Step to Heaven (スリー・ステップ・トゥ・ヘブン) on CBC Radio, Japan’s first commercial broadcasting station. At this point, Tsuboinorio was already working for the CBC Radio since 1973 as a producer of may radio program on the station.

From there, he continuec to elevate himself as a superstar of the CBC. In October 1993, Tsuboinorio will debut his new radio program called “The more I listen to Tsuboinorio” (つボイノリオの聞けば聞くほど), which is still running today.

During the course of the show, Tsuboinorio ran multiple contest and promotion, but one of his favorite ways to interact with his listener was the listener meetings. These meetings were taking place each year in a hotel where 100 participants randomly chosen by a lottery could come talk with their favorite radio host. During the meeting, participants were offered gifts and could participate in various competitions. On the meeting held on October 8th, 2006 one of the items that was up for grab was the XavixPort game called Kinta’s Great Adventure. The number of available copies is unknown.

While this collaboration between CBC Radio and Xavix is unexpected, many biographies mentioned that Tsuboinorio work as a subcontractor of Famicom games. While it is not clear if this actually happened as no games were actually mentioned by name, nor in what capacity Tsuboinorio  was involved, if true, this could explain why the game was developed for the XavixPort instead of any other systems of the time. XaviX was founded by ex-Nintendo employees, many of whom worked on the Famicom. If Tsuboinorio worked as a subcontractor for a game, he might have developed connections with people that would end-up, years later, founding XaxiX.

But this XavixPort is not the last game to be published around Kinta’s Great Adventure.

On September 27, 2013, CBC Radio released for the 20th anniversary of the show The More You Listen, a DVD called “Kinta Makerunana Exercises” where you can have fun exercising while listening to “Kinta’s Great Adventure”.

In September 2014, another game called Kinta’s Great Adventure was released on the iPhone. Developed by Studio Shin, the game is a Role Playing Game based on the Tsuboinorio’s song.

The game requires the J-MAT to run. The game itself is pretty straightforward. You walk on the J-MAT to make your character run forward. As you advance multiple obstacles will show up on the screen and you must avoid them by either stepping left or right on the mat or, for some obstacle, you can jump on the mat to make your character jump.

Gameplay exemple


Collector’s Note
The game came in a small white box with a sticker on it which is almost identical to the cartridge label. The game came with a black & white booklet and black & white quick start guide.


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