Magnavox Odyssey² – Canadian Games Rarity List

Canadian Games List
Canada has always been a particular place when it comes to cover arts. Since Canada is a bilingual country (English & French), distributor tends to provide  bilingual cover arts  and instruction, especially in Quebec were the vast majority of the French Canadian reside. In the case of the Odyssey², the system and the software were distributed by Philips Canada. To address the issue,  Philips added a cardboard slipcover over the U.S. Box. The slipcover would include the game title and description printed in both official language and would only cover the edge of the box, letting the main illustration visible in the center of the cover.

Theses boxes are probably the rarest as they were often thrown away. The later Canadian released used the same plastic box used by Philips to distribute the games in Europe. The box contained the French and English manuals and a bilingual cover.

Since Canada was not a huge market in terms of population and that U.S. games were also sold in Canada, the bilingual Canadian release are generally rarer than their U.S. equivalent.

Rarity is very subjective and may vary over time and do not always correlate with the price of a game. The information is provided as a general guidance source and should be used with precaution.

C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare, VR = Very Rare, ER = Extremely Rare.

Name Developer # USA # Rarity
Associations!/Logix!/Devinettes! Magnavox AJ9407 02 R
Baseball! Magnavox AJ9408 08 R
Bataille de Blindés!/Chasse Aux Sous-Marins! Magnavox AJ9403 04 R
Billiard à Blouses! Magnavox AC9424 35 R
Blackjack Style Las Vegas! Magnavox AJ9401 05 R
Conflit Cosmique! Magnavox AJ9411 11 R
Confrontation en 2100 Après J.-C.! Magnavox AK9416 14 R
Démolition!/Destruction! Magnavox AA9427 29 R
Dynastie! Magnavox AK9421 15 R
Envahisseurs Extra-Terrestres! Magnavox AA9428 22 R
Football! Magnavox AJ9402 03 R
Golf Électronique! Magnavox AJ9410 10 R
Guerre aux Ovnis! Magnavox AB9430 34 R
Hockey!/Soccer! Magnavox AK9420 36 R
Invasion Intersidérale! Magnavox AK9414 18 R
J’ai le Bon Numero! Magnavox AC9413 13 R
K.C. Broyefer! Magnavox AC9435 38 R
La Course Folle!/Tête-à-Queue!/Crypto-Logic! Magnavox AJ9400? 01 R
La Grande Chasse de Broyefer! Magnavox AC9442? 44 R
La Guerre des Nerfs! Magnavox AK9417 30 R
Les Défenseurs de la Liberté! Magnavox AC9436 39 R
Machine à Boules! Magnavox AK9415 24 R
Machine à Sous! Magnavox AA9426 23 R
Math-A-Magic!/Echo! Magnavox AJ9405 07 R
Pierre et la Pioche! Magnavox AC9437 43 R
Prenez L’Argent et Filez! Magnavox AJ9412 12 R
Singeries! Magnavox AB9432? 37 R
Ski Alpin! Magnavox AK9418 25 R
Soccer de Table Électronique! Magnavox AA9423 27 R
Volley-Ball! Magnavox AA9422 28 R
Voyage dans l’Espace/Sauvetage par Hélicoptère! Magnavox AC9419 R
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