Manna Space CD-i

Console Name: Manna Space CD-i
Release Date: 1995
Country of Origin: Japan

Collector Notes
The Manna Space CD-i is a bit of a mystery. The only thing we know for sure is that these devices were not available to the public. Instead, they were used by a company called Manna Space. Some says that it was a Travel Agency, but I haven’t found any hard evidence to support this fact. In fact, these CD-i was delivered with a few CD-i disk that does include Travel Business, but also B to D Business, Network Shopping and the Mother Network Business.

Two models of the Manna Space CD-i exist. Both are CDI-450. The first one is based on the Magnavox version. The second model is based on the Goldstar version of the CDI-450 (the model called GDI-1000).  This model is made in Belgium. The few boxes discovered for this model are individually numbered which was interpreted by some to be a contest price. According to this version of events, Manna Space is indeed a travel agency and the these GDI-1000 version were given as price. Less than 100 would exist.

The truth is that, for the moment, not enough information has been found to say with certainty where these console came from, but one thing is clear, they are extremely rare and can only be found in Japan.



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