Mega Duck Super Junior Computer by Welback Holdings

Console Name: Mega Duck Super Junior Computer
Alternate Named(s): Super QuiQue (Spain)
Release Date: 1995
Original Price: ‎Pta 19,975
Manufacturer: Welback Holdings
Publisher: Hartung / Cefa Toys
Developer: Welback Holdings
Model Number: JC 501
Predecessor: Mega Duck

After the failed released of the Mega Duck, Welback Holdings decided to use their IP in a new device. At the time, VTech was very successful with their educational console and Welback Holdings decided to release their own educational devices. By reusing the Mega Duck as the basis of the device, this would reduce development time and ensure the new console would have a decent line-up of games from the start. Welback Holdings contacted their distributor and signed an agreement with Hartung to release the Mega Duck Super Junior Computer in Germany, France and the Netherlands while Cefa Toys would distribute the console in Spain under the name Super Quique.

The Super Junior Computer was released alongside a thermal printer (JC-510) and 12 additional cartridges specific for this console. A Printer Interface (JC-520) module which allows to connect the Super Junior Computer to a normal printer was also released. The console had 11 built-in applications including a piano program that would work with the integrated musical keyboard that sits below the QWERTY keyboard. The console came with two cartridges slots. The screen (57 x 52 mm) was slightly larger than the Mega Duck, one (48 x 51 mm) but offers the same resolution. The mouse is just a mouse-shaped gamepad.

The Super Junior Computer was not successful. Although some genuine effort had gone into the software for the console and the addition of a music keyboard was a nice touch , the screen size was making the computer very awkward to use. If the console would have connected to a TV Set, the console would have a chance. In then end, the Super Junior Computer didn’t make a dent into VTech domination of the educational market.

On the top of existing Mega Duck cartridges, 12 cartridges were designed specifically for the Super Junior Computer:

  • [JC 501/01] Speichermodul
  • [JC 501/02] Mathe 1 Modul
  • [JC 501/03] Deutsch 1 Modul
  • [JC 501/04] Englisch 1 Modul
  • [JC 501/05] Zeichnen Modul
  • [JC 501/06] Musik Modul
  • [JC 501/07] Bilder-Lexikon Modul
  • [JC 501/08] Data Bank Modul
  • [JC 501/09] Super Quiz Modul
  • [JC 501/10] Voice Card Modul
  • [JC 501/11] Franzoisch Modul
  • [JC 501/12] Schreibmaschinenkurs Modul


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