Off The Wall Projection by Funsation

Console Name: Off The Wall Projection
Alternate Named(s): Projecteur Jeu Electronique LCD
Electronische LCD Spellen
Release Date: 1989
Original Price: 20.35$ USD
Country of Origin: Europe
Publisher: Savie
Developer: Fusation
Model Number: 36139
Number of Games Cartridges: 6

Very little is known about the origin of this device. Funsation, is a European video-game company that were active¬†in the 1980s. During their time, Funsation released a series of electronic games to capitalize on the Nintendo’s Game & Watch craze. Like for the Game & Watch, each of the Funsation console had two games and an alarm clock. The console was released in five different variations, each one with a different game: Football, Soccer, Baseball, Grand Prix and Space Invader. The consoles were sold all over Europe in multi-language boxes (English, German, French and Italian). By 1989, Funsation decided to release a cartridge-based console. Based on a similar LCD technology used in their previous iteration, the console would accept cartridges that would project the game on a wall, most likely inspired by the Light Games by PlayTime.

The console was released in 1989, distributed under the Savie brand. Now, it is unclear if the Savie brand belongs to Funsation or if they reach a distribution deal for certain parts of the world, but, to our knowledge, the Savie version in the only one existing. The Savie’s box is mostly in French with a bit a Dutch on the side which seems to suggest that this version was set to be distributed in France. The instructions are only in French and Dutch while the sticker on the top of the console is in English. The same is true for the cartridges. It is unclear where this console was distributed in the end, but we know that it was exported outside of Europe as it was available in the U.S. through the 1989 Christmas edition of the Sears catalogue.

1989 Sears Wishbook

The console suddenly disappears as it had appeared. There is not mention of this console past 1989 which seems to suggest that the console was very short-lived. It is extremely rare today.

According to the Sears WishBook, 6 games were available to purchase with the console. One game on the Wishbook catalogue is unidentifiable in the catalogue itself.


Lance Torpilles
Alien Invader
De Vijanden
American Football Grand Prix ?
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