Philips Videopac 41 and 42

Videopac 41 & 42 Across Europe
Philips as translated the Videopac 41 & 42 in a multiple of languages. The list below only contain the version confirmed with a scan of the cover arts. Other versions are rumoured to exist, and should be considered VR or ER. If you happen to have one of the missing versions and are willing to share the cover art, please use the contact us via Facebook.

Rarity is very subjective and may vary over time and do not always correlate with the price of a game. The information is provided as a general guidance source and should be used with precaution.

C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare, VR = Very Rare, ER = Extremely Rare.

Name Developer Region Videopac Rarity
Die Suche Nach Den Ringen Philips German Videopac 42 R
Eroberung der Welt Philips German Videopac 41 R
Jagten på Ringene Philips Denmark Videopac 42 R
Verdens Erobring Philips Denmark Videopac 41 R
La Conquête du Monde Philips France Videopac 41 R
La Quête Des Anneux Philips France Videopac 42 R
Hegemonie Philips Belgium Videopac 41 VR
Speurtocht Naar De Ringen Philips Belgium Videopac 42 VR
Busqueda De Los Anillos Philips Spain Videopac 42 R
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