Philips Videopac – European Games Rarity List

European Games List
Philips was licensed the right to the Magnavox Odyssey² hardware and software in Europe. This list only covers the games that were available to all region in Europe. Region Exclusive games are in their own list. The USA column represent the Magnavox Odyssey² numbering. Some games are exclusive to Europe and will be identified as EXCLUSIVE. Some game has no Magnavox Odyssey² equivalent but are available in other regions of the world. Those will be identified by a dash (-).

Rarity is very subjective and may vary over time and do not always correlate with the price of a game. The information is provided as a general guidance source and should be used with precaution.

C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare, VR = Very Rare, ER = Extremely Rare.


Name Developer # USA # Rarity
4 in 1 Row Philips 40 AJ9407 C
Air-Sea War/Battle Philips 04 AJ9403 C
American Football Philips 03 AJ9402 C
Atlantis Imagic 720076-1A R
Backgammon Philips 48 EXCLUSIVE R
Baseball Philips 08 AJ9408 C
Basket Game Philips  26 AA9425 C
Battlefield Philips 30 AK9417 C
Blackjack Philips 05 AJ9401 C
Blobbers Philips 57 EXCLUSIVE R
Catch the Ball/Noughts and Crosses Philips 19 U
Chinese Logic Philips 17 U
Computer Programmer Philips 09 AC9406 C
Conquest of the World Philips 41 AB9431 R
Cosmic Conflict Philips 11 AJ9411 C
Crazy Chase Philips 44 AC9422 C
Dam Buster Philips 29 AA9427 C
Demon Attack Imagic 720075-1A R
Depth Charge/Marksman Philips 16 C
Electronic Billiards Philips 35 C
Electronic Ice Hockey/Electronic Soccer Philips 36 AK9420 C
Electronic Table Football Philips 27 AA9423 C
Electronic Volleyball Philips 28 AA9422 C
Flipper Game Philips 24 AK9415 C
Freedom Fighters Philips 39 AC9436 C
Frogger Parker Brothers 981502 R
Golf Philips 10 AJ9410 C
Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, The Philips 46 AC9434 U
Gunfighter Philips 14 AK9416 C
Jumping Acrobats Philips 33 AC9433 C
Killer Bees Philips 52 AC9447 C
Labyrinth Game/Supermind Philips 32 C
Las Vegas Gambling Philips 23 AA9426 C
Laser War Philips 18 AK9414 C
Mathematician/Echo Philips 07 AJ9405 C
Monkeyshines Philips 37 AM9432 C
Morse Philips 45 U
Mousing Cat, The Philips 47 C
Munchkin Philips 38 AC9435 C
Musician Philips 31 R
Pairs/Space Rendezvous/Logic Philips 02 AJ9407 C
Pickaxe Pete Philips 43 AC9437 C
Playschool Maths Philips 13 AC9413 U
Popeye Parker Brothers 981519 R
Q*bert Parker Brothers 981517 R
Quest for the Rings Philips 42 AC9429 U
Race/Spinout/Cryptogram Philips 01 AC9400 C
Samurai Philips 15 AK9421 C
Satellite Attack Philips 34 AB9430 C
Secret of the Pharaohs Philips 21 U
Skiing Philips 25 AK9418 C
Space Monster Philips 22 AA9428 U
Stone Sling Philips 20 AC9441 C
Super Bee Philips 50 U
Super Cobra Parker Brothers 981505 R
Take the Money and Run Philips 12 AJ9412 C
Ten Pin Bowling/Basketball Philips 06 AJ9404 C
Terrahawks Philips 51 AC9445 C
Turtles Philips 49 AC9446 R
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