Philips Videopac – German Games Rarity List

German Games List
Philips was licensed the right to the Magnavox Odyssey² hardware and software in Europe. Aside from the games available everywhere in Europe and the Videopac 41 & 42 that were translated in many language,  some games were region specifics.

Rarity is very subjective and may vary over time and do not always correlate with the price of a game. The information is provided as a general guidance source and should be used with precaution.

C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare, VR = Very Rare, ER = Extremely Rare.

Name Developer # Equivalent Rarity
Kinder im Verkehr 1¹ Philips V CVS VR
Newscaster Philips A 9433 (Brazil) U
Verkehrsspiele 1¹ CSV V ER
Verkehrsspiele 2¹ CSV EXCLUSIVE ER

¹ The games Verkehrsspiele 1 & 2 were given to primary schools in a small region of West Germany. Verkehrsspiele 1 was later retitled Kinder im Verkehr 1  andgiven away to members of the German Commander-ROM club as Videopac “V”.

Only a few hundreds of theses games exist and since they were never available to the general public, they are not always considered as part as the released set.

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