Philips Videopac – Japan Games Rarity List

Japanese Games List
The Odyssey was released in Japan in December 1982 by Kōton Trading Toitarii Enterprise at a starting price of ¥49,800. The system was excessively expensive and did not sell well. Thus, all games are extremely rare today.

Rarity is very subjective and may vary over time and do not always correlate with the price of a game. The information is provided as a general guidance source and should be used with precaution.

C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare, VR = Very Rare, ER = Extremely Rare.

Name Developer # Equivalent Rarity
Alien Invaders—Plus Magnavox 9428 Videopac 22 ER
Beesubooru Magnavox 9408 Videopac 08 ER
Casino Slot Machine Magnavox 9426 Videopac 23 ER
Electronic Table Soccer Magnavox 9423 Videopac 27 ER
Gorudo Rasshu Philips 9437 Videopac 43 ER
Itazura Monkii Geemu Philips 9432 Videopac 37 ER
Konpyuutaa Gorufu Magnavox 9410 Videopac 10 ER
Nazo no UFO Magnavox 9430 Videopac 34 ER
Pachinko Magnavox 9425 Videopac 26 ER
Purei Sansuu Geemu Magnavox 9413 Videopac 13 ER
Ribaashii Magnavox 9421 Videopac 15 ER
Robotto Gundan Geemu Magnavox 9447 Videopac 30 ER
Supiidouei/Rannabauto/Angou Kaidoku Magnavox 9400 Videopac 01 ER
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