Picno by Konami

Console Name: Picno
Release Date: 1992
Original Price: ¥29,800
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Konami
Number of Games Cartridges: 23

Not much is known about why Konami decided to release the Picno.

The Picno was released in October 1992.  Targeting a young audience, the Picno was a hybrid between a tablet and an educational video game console. The tablet would connect to a normal TV set and allowed to use 160 colors on screen.  At the time of release, only a few cartridges were released with the promise of new ones before the end of the year. But Konami was not the only company that wanted to occupy this space as Sega announced the release of the Sega Pico, an educational video game system that was set to release in June 1993 at a target price of ¥13,440. Konami had to reduce their cost if they wanted to have a fighting chance against Sega.

This is why, in 1993, Konami released the Picno2 at the price of ¥15,800. The Picno2 had almost no improvement over the original Picno, aside very few esthetic changes and cheaper manufacturing cost.

The Sega Pico immediately took a huge share of the market, sending Konami as a distant second. Konami continued to market the Picno2 and released new activity cartridges until 1995, but the console was never able to recover from the Pico’s competition.

There are 21 activity cartridges each costing ¥3,800 released for the system. A save cartridge was also available for the price of ¥5,800.

RX101 – セーブカード
Save Card
RX102 – モンタージュ
RX103 – ふしぎの国のアリス
Alice in wonderland
RX105 – ピクノでABC
Picno de A B C
RX106 – アニメ絵日記
Anime Picture Diary
RX107  – ピクノであいうえお
Picno de A I U E O
RX108 – ピクノで123
Picno de 1 2 3
RX109 – ピクノアートパズル
Picno Art Puzzle
RX110 – リアルモンタージュ
Real Montage
RX111 – きいろい恐竜くん パラサのオバケ退治 – パラサ&ディンキーダイノス
Parasa & Dinky Dinos
RX112 – アニメボックス
Anime Box
RX113 – PICNO de にほんちず
PICNO de Map of Japan
RX115 – どっきん心理ゲーム
Dokkin psychological game
RX116 – 漢字倶楽部
Kanji Club
RX117 – ピクノで九九
Picno de kuku
RX118 – しらゆきひめ物語
Shira Yuki Hime Story
RX119 – ノンタンといっしょ アニメスタンプ
Nontan and Issho Anime Stamp
RX120 – マンフィーのふしぎなぼうけん
Manfi’s Mysterious Adventure
RX121 – ハローキティの英会話
Hello Kitty’s English Conversation
RX122 – そんごくうの冒険
Songoku’s adventure
RX123 – シンデレラ物語
Cinderella Story
  RX124 – ちびまる子ちゃんのたしざんひきざん
Chibi Maruko-chan’s Tashizan Hikizan

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