Picno by Konami

Console Name: Picno
Release Date: 1992
Original Price: ¥29,800
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Konami
Number of Games Cartridges: 23

Not much is known about why Konami decided to release the Picno.

The Picno was released in October 1992.  Targeting a young audience, the Picno was a hybrid between a tablet and an educational video game console. The tablet would connect to a normal TV set and allowed to use 160 colors on screen.  At the time of release, only a few cartridges were released with the promise of new ones before the end of the year. The sales were not going as strong as Konami would have hoped and this Konami decided they should drop the price of the console.  In 1993 the released the Picno 2 at the price of ¥15,800. The Picno 2 had almost no improvement over the original Picno, aside very few esthetic changes and cheaper manufacturing cost.

1993 coincided with the release of the Sega Pico which immediately took a huge share of the market. Konami continued releasing game for a while but by the end of 1993/beginning of 1994, all hope were lost and Konami simply abandoned the Picno line.


There are 23 activity cartridges each costing ¥3,800 released for the system. A save cartridge was also available for the price of ¥5,800.

  • RX101  -Save Card (セーブカード)
  • RX102  -Montage (モンタージュ)
  • RX103  -Fushigi no kuni no Alice (ふしぎの国のアリス)
  • RX105 – Picno de A B C (ピクノで A B C)
  • RX106 – Anime enikki  (アニメ絵日記)
  • RX107 – Picno de A I U E O (ピクノであいうえお)
  • RX108 – Picno de 1 2 3 (ピクノで123)
  • RX109 – Picno Art Puzzle (ピクノアートパズル)
  • RX110 – Real Montage (リアルモンタージュ)
  • RX111 – Kīroi Kyōryū-kun Parasa no Obake Taiji (きいろい恐竜くん パラサのオバケ退治)
  • RX115 – Dokkin Shinri Game (どっきん心理ゲーム)
  • RX117 – Picno de kuku (ピクノで九九)
  • RX118 – Shira Yuki Hime Monogatari (しらゆきひめ物語)
  • RX119 – Nontan to issho anime stamp (ノンタンといっしょ アニメスタンプ)
  • RX120 – Manfī no fushigina bōken (マンフィーのふしぎなぼうけん)
  • RX122 – Son Gokū no Bōken (そんごくうの冒険)
  • RX123 – Sen’yō Card Soft (専用カードソフト)
  • RX124 – Picno de Nihon chizu (ピクノでにほんちず)
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