Pico/Saturn – Pri Fun by Sega

Console Name: Pico/Saturn
Release Date: 1995

The Pri Fun is thermal printer developed by Sega in 1995 for use with the Sega Pico and the Sega Saturn, both Sega’s console supported by Sega in 1995. Actually, the Pri Fun could be used with any console or electronic devices outputting video signals using a composite cable.

The printer uses ink ribbon cartridges good for 30 prints each. The paper pack would also come in 30 pages pack either in full pages or 4 stickers per pages format.

One interesting feature was the expansion port behind the printer that would allow the printer to use add-on . One add-on was the Pause-Pack that would allow to freeze an image and print it. Without it, as the video signal is analogue, the quality of the image could be blurry or includes overlapping screens. Other add-ons were the Character Packs. Theses packs would add video overlay that could be added on top of the composite signal.

The Character Packs include Sega licences such as Virtual Fighter and Doraemon. At the moment, 11 Character Packs are known to exist although we have not been able to identify them all.


01 02 – PataPataPeppy 03 – Tama & Friends 04 – Chibi Maruko-Chan
05 – Magic Knight Lei Ground 06 – Johnny’s Junior 07- X-Mas Pack 08
09 10 11 – Doraemon 12
13 -Virtual Fighter
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