Power Rangers Ninja Storm – Storm Action T.V. Gaming System by ToyQuest

Console Name: Power Rangers Ninja Storm - Storm Action T.V. Gaming System
Release Date: 2003
Manufacturer: ToyQuest / Manley Toys
Discontinued In: 2004
Number of Games Cartridges: 1

Manley Toys Limited was founded in 1987. The Company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of games, toys, hobby goods, and supplies. One of their divisions called ToyQuest acquired the right to produce Power Rangers toys from BVS Entertainment, Inc. Over the years, ToyQuest released a number of Power Rangers themed toys including some stand-alone “VR” video games.  Instead of releasing multiple plug & play devices, ToyQuest decided to create a cartridges-based video game console that revolves around the Power Rangers.

Released in 2003, the console came bundled with one game and motion controllers. The console came pack-in with a fighting game simply titled Power Ranger Ninja Storm.  The controllers would be attached to your hands and foot through a series of wires and all connected to a controller box which in turn would connect into the console itself. The motions are then translated by the controller box and send directly to the console via game pad port. The console has only one controller port, meaning that the console was designed for single player games (although, like it is the case for the included motion controllers, the company could have released a multiplayer game with multiple controllers that plugs into a single port).

The console itself is rather simplistic. Instead of using an AC power, the console uses four AA batteries. The console has a small power button on the side and a bigger reset and pause buttons located at the bottom of each side of the console.

The console never caught on and it was rapidly replaced by a plug-and-play system called “Thunder Action Video Gaming System” released the next year (2004) by ToyQuest. Although 2 other games were planned (Storm Striker and Ninja Thunder Blaster), these games didn’t seem to have been released. Instead, they have been used in the 2004 console. The system is physically very similar to the Storm Action T.V. Gaming System, but doesn’t support cartridges. Instead, the system came with 2 built in games which use similar accessories as the one planned for the Storm Action T.V. Gaming System.

Although a total of 3 games were planned for this release, we suspect that only the pack-in game exist.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Storm Striker
Ninja Thunder Blaster


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