PV-1000 by Casio

Credit: Evan Amos
Console Name: PV-1000
Release Date: October 1983
Original Price: ¥14,800
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Casio
Number of Games Cartridges: 13

In the early 80s, the Casio was one of the most respected brands in electronics. Based on their recent success, Casio decided to extend their reach and release two other devices to appeal to gamer, the PV-1000 a dedicated video game system and the PV-2000 a computer, a system loosely based on the MSX system.

The PV-1000 was released in October 1983. Price at ¥14,800, the console in the same range as the Nintendo Famicom  Released alongside a decent number of titles by Namco and Konami, the PV-1000 was set to be a challenger in the run for the best 8-bit console.  The Famicom was very popular at the time and was out of stock in many stores. Casio hoped to capitalize on that and offer an alternative for Nintendo’s hit console.

The exact reason for the demise of the console is unknown. Many factors may have played a role, including poor marketing and the confusion created by the PV-2000 computer that also used cartridge, but that was incompatible with the PV-1000. Nevertheless, after a few weeks on the store shelves, the PV-1000 was discontinued, making this console extremely rare today.

All games 13 games were released upon launch. The games numbered 108 and 113 were never released, but we can assume then at least two other games were on the way. All games were priced for ¥3800.


GPA – 101- Puyan GPA – 102 – Super Cobra GPA – 103 – Tutankham GPA – 104 – Amida
GPA – 105 – Dig Dug GPA – 106 – Warp & Warp GPA – 107 – Turpin GPA – 109 -Pachinko UFO
GPA – 110 – Fighting Bug GPA – 111 – Space Panic GPA – 112 – Naughty Boy GPA – 114 – Dirty chameleon
GPA – 115 – Excite Mahjong



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