QGH-78 by Queentex Company Limited

Console Name: QGH-78
Alternate Named(s): QGH-78
Game Child
Game Kid
Release Date: 1990's
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: Queentex Company Limited
Number of Games Cartridges: 18

Queentex Company Limited (later known as Synco Tech Company Limited) was a manufacturer most famous for in producing electronic games and keyboards.  At its peak, the company was owning its own 35,000sqm  plan located at Huizhou, Guangdong. The plant allowed accommodating 2000 workers and the production capacity could reach 4 million pieces of electronic games & 400,000 pieces of electronic keyboards under various automatic assembly lines. All games were sold either in packaging with no brand name or distributed by third parties that would then add their own branding on it. Electronic games all had a model number that started with “QGH”.

In their 20 years of operation, the company created hundreds of different handheld, many of which had interchangeable games. But in most cases, these console where packages with an assortment of games, while, although also supporting interchangeable games,  the QGH-78 was most of the time sold with only one games. Some special package did come with 3 games.

Out of the hundreds of handheld released by Queentex, the QGH-78 was by far the most popular. It was available in an array of color (Gray being the most common) including Gray, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. The cartridges were also either gray when distributed with the gray handheld or black when distributed with the other colors. The system was also sold under the name Game Kid and even sometimes under the name Game Child, although the Game Child is a totally different systems made by another company. Both are made to look like a Nintendo Game Boy, but the Game Child share a bit more resemblance with the Game Boy but lack the interchangeable change feature of the QGH-78.

To add to the confusion, a later release of the Game Child dubbed the Game Child MKII is also sold under the name Game Kid.

The systems seems to have been mainly distributed in Europe.

Games on these handheld were basic LCD games and couldn’t compete on any level with the Game Boy and other ROM-based cartridges.  The systems survived a bit as it could be given to (very) young kids instead of a more expensive GameBoy, but as far as games play goes, there were little to know replay value.  Also, as the games didn’t seem to be available for individual purchase, customers would need to buy the device again if they wanted a new game, even if, technically, the system was made to be an interchangeable game system.

A total of 18 games have been found so far, but more probably exist. This first series, call the QGH-78 Series, are listed in the back of the box:

  • Soccer
  • Basket Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Ice-Hockey
  • Car Racing
  • Motor Cycle
  • InVadar
  • Highway
  • Catty + Basketball
  • Painter + Smart Baby
  • Rescue + Bumpy
  • Cat & Mice

Theses other games also exist and may be part of another series or just individual games:

  • Submarine
  • Space Rescue
  • ShoGun
  • Tennis
  • U.F.O
  • Challenger
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