Stick Station by Skywriter

Console Name: Atari 2600
Release Date: 1983
Original Price: $14.95
Manufacturer: Skywritter

The Stick Station is an accessory for the that said to bring the ambiance of the arcade into your home. Released by Skywriter, a company from Louisville, Kentucky, this hardwood joystick platform was designed to reduce the pain brought on by muscle fatigue by providing a better way to hold your favorite Atari joystick as the Stick Station can either be set on a flat surface or held in the user’s lap.

The Stick Station is approximately 17 1/2 ” long by 6″ wide by 1 1/2″ thick, and is configured for either the standard Atari or the Wico joystick. It was available in both Poplar or Walnut finish. This means that 4 different models of the Stick Station were made.

The earliest mention of the Stick Station was found in the Electronic Games magazine – Volume 02 Number 10 (1983-12) while the latest mention was in the Computer Games magazine from June 1984.

The accessory was sold for $14.95, which was expensive when adjusted for inflation. An additional $2.50 shipping and handling fees was also required as this product was only ever sold through mail order. Within a few months of the release, adds began to advertise special offer to $9.95. In the end, the Stick Station was sold for less than a year. Although sale numbers are not available, it is clear that the Stick Station wasn’t popular at all.


Addition Information:

Here’s the original address used by the few how purchased that piece of history back in the day:

539 W. Market St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(800) 251-3550 Ext. 3


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