Super Engine by Songtly

Console Name: Super Engine
Alternate Named(s): UFO Super Game
16-Bit Power Play Galaxy.
Super Engine Hello
Release Date: 1991
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: Songtly
Publisher: Sunpronic (Czech Republic)

Songtly is a Chinese company that made some of the first unlicensed clone of the Nintendo Famicom. There SY-700 series was especially popular in China. They would later go on to produce the SY3000B, a GameBoy clone and eventually they would release the SY-2000 series,a PC Engine clone modeled after the PC Engine Shuttle. The particularity of this series is the inclusion of a cartridge port on top of the Hu Card support. The cartridges themselves are basically just another form factor for the Hu Cards, but they would allow the company to market their own cartridges and therefore make money on the game as well.

The Super Engine would have been first released in 1991. It was distributed by Sunpronic in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It would also have been distributed as the UFO Super Game and the 16-Bit Power Play Galaxy in other regions. The console also exists in black. Dar Yar Electronics (大雅電子股份有限公司), also made a PC Engine Shuttle clone under the name PC Boy and distributed under the name Jamiko. Although they look fairly similar, the PC Boy is actually a bit smaller and doesn’t accept the “Super Engine cartridges”.

It’s unknown when exactly the Super Engine was discontinued as it existed simultaneously in many markets. But in 1992 it was removed from the Czech and Slovak market to be replaced by the Super Engine II, which is basically a cheaper version of the Super Engine that only supported the “Super Engine cartridges”.

The consoles are supposed to be compatible with all PC-Engine games, but as the hardware is different, it is possible that some title will not work.  As for the games that fit in the second cartridge slot, at this time, only a few titles have been confirmed to exist:

  • Kung Fu: Mister King (A001)
  • Knight Rider Special (A003)
  • Be Ball (A006)
  • Spinpair (A007)
  • (A008)
  • Tennis (A010)
  • R-Type (A012)
  • Psycho Chaser (A013)
  • Side Arms (A014)
  • Override (A015)
  • Twin Cobra (A016)
  • Formation Soccer Human Cup (A017)
  • P-47 (A019)
  • Adventure Island (A022)
  • Zipzang(A023)
  • Tiger Road (B001)
  • PC Genjin (Bonk Adventure) (B003)
  • ?(B006)
  • Bari Bari Densetsu (B010)
  • Power League (B011)
  • Power Eleven (B012)
  • Hit the Ice (B013)
  • GunHed (B014)
  • Cyber Core (B015)
  • Final Lap Twin (B019)
  • Batman (B031)
  • Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu (C002)
  • Legend of Hero Tonma (C003)
  • PC Genjin (Bonk Adventure) (C004)
  • Ninja Spirit (C004)
  • ? (C004)
  • Din-Don II (C005)
  • Devil Crash (C006)
  • After Burner (C010)
  • Special Criminal Investigation (C012)
  • Final Soldier (C014)
  • ? (C016)
  • Dragonm Saber (C017)
  • Splatterhouse (C019)
  • Operation Wolf (C021)
  • Golf
  • Legendary Axe
  • Pac-Land
  • ?
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