Wild King: Strongest Battle Zukan by Sega Toys

Console Name: Wild Kings
Original Name: ワイルドキング 最強バトルずかん
Release Date: July 17, 2014
Original Price: ¥7,800
Country of Origin: Japan
Publisher: Sega Toys
Predecessor: Mushiking:The King of Beetles – Musitori Battle Zukan

In 2003, Sega released an arcade called Mushiking: The King of Beetles (甲虫王者ムシキング). The arcade was a combination of an arcade game and collectible card game. The game involves battles between cards describing various beetle species. The cards can be scanned in by a Mushiking arcade machine, which will both carry out battles and dispense new cards. By 2013, Sega Toys released a handheld inspired by Mushiking: The King of Beetle called Mushiking:The King of Beetles – Musitori Battle Zukan. The game had a certain success and in 2014, Sega Toys decided to released an updated version called Wild King: Strongest Battle Zukan.

The handheld is basically an updated version of its predecessor. With an updated look and graphics, the games also now features around 200 creatures of all kinds instead of only insects as it was in the Mushiking:The King of Beetles – Musitori Battle Zukan handheld. As they did for the release of the Mushiking:The King of Beetles – Musitori Battle Zukan, Sega Toys use the release of the Wild King: Strongest Battle Zukan handheld to release related toys that could interact with the handheld. On the day of the release of the handheld, Sega release six beetles action figures. On August 7, Sega Toys released four additional action figures: a lion, an African elephant, a triceratops and a tyrannosaurus.  Each priced a ¥1,000, the action figures feature a pulling the string that triggers a three-step action of “walk → run → attack”. Sega Toys also released two Remote control figurines for ¥3,000 each. Both the Action Figurines and the Remote Control Figurine feature a code that once entered in the handheld would make the corresponding creature appears in your creature inventory.

One of the biggest incentive to get the device was the Kira Card Station. The station placed in different store could be used to battle against the strongest creatures. If you manage to defeat the creatures, the station would give you a Kira Card that, once scanned would add the said creature to your inventory. This was very reminiscent of the arcade. To increase your chance of winning the match, you could insert in the station your power-up cartridge that came with your device.

Although significant improvements were made, the Wild King: Strongest Battle Zukan handheld didn’t sell very well. The stations were soon removed from the store, diminishing even more the usefulness of the device, as they were the main sources of Kira card.


Remote Control Figurines Action Figure: African elephant Action Figure: Hercules beetles
Action Figure:Lion Action Figure: Triceratops  Action Figure: Tyrannosaurus
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