WonderSwan – Digital Camera (Unreleased)

On September 17, 1999, during the Tokyo Game Show, Bandai unveil a new add-on: The Wonder Me-Xai. The project was a collaboration between Bandai and Tommy and would have allowed the interconnection between the Tommy Me-Xai digital camera and the Bandai WonderSwan.

The peripheral was in fact a special cartridge that would connect directly into the digital camera and would have allowed the picture to be imported in the WonderSwan cartridge. The cartridge would have included an editing software that would allow to modify the picture on the go and re-import it into the digital camera to be later saved on a computer.

Since the WonderSwan was only able of delivering black & white graphic, the usefulness of the peripheral was already a concern. The project was eventually dismissed.


On March 30, 2001,  Bandai unveiled during the Tokyo Game Show an add-on to the WonderSwan Color that allowed to connect wirelessly to a Casio Digital Wrist Camera. No software or other capability was demonstrated at the show and the project sadly never saw the light of day.


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