Author: vgk_admin

Monon Color by M&D

Original Name: 梦龙彩色掌机
Original Price: 100 RMB
Country of Origin: China

Socrates by VTech

Alternate Name: Saitout (French)
Prof. Weiss-Alles (German)
Manufacturer: VTech
Original Price: $130
Country of Origin: United States of America

PV-1000 by Casio

Manufacturer: Casio
Original Price: ¥14,800
Number of Games: 13
Country of Origin: Japan

My Vision by Nichibutsu

Original Name: マイビジョン
Manufacturer: Nihonbutsubun
Original Price: ¥39,800
Number of Games: 6
Country of Origin: Japan

PasoGo by Koei

Original Name: / パソ碁
Manufacturer: Koei
Original Price: ¥39,800
Number of Games: 7
Country of Origin: Japan

Astrocade by Bally

Original Name: Bally Home Library Computer
Original Price: US$299
Country of Origin: U.S