Author: vgk_admin

Off The Wall Projection by Funsation

Alternate Name: Projecteur Jeu Electronique LCD
Electronische LCD Spellen
Model Number: 36139
Publisher: Savie
Developer: Fusation
Original Price: 20.35$ USD
Number of Games: 6
Country of Origin: Europe


Original Name: ピーシー エフエックス
Manufacturer: NEC
Developer: NEC / Hudson Soft
Original Price: ¥49,800
Unit Sold: 400,000
Number of Games: 62
Country of Origin: Japan

Data Battle | Virtual Simulation by Tomy

Original Name: データバトルバーチャルシュミレーション
Manufacturer: Tomy
Developer: Grappers Hill Inc.
Original Price: ¥9.800
Number of Games: 5