NDEV Wii Development Unit (RVT-001)

The NDEV Wii Development Unit is the main development system for the Wii. The unit has most of the retail Wii feature, but also have some major difference. Aside from the aesthetic, the following differences can be found on the NDEV:

  • 128 Meg of RAM (instead of 64 for the Wii)
  • debugging and host communication ports
  • no disc drive or internal hard drive
  • wired port for Wii controllers (1 to 4 depending on the NDEV revision)

Since the NDEV don’t have a disc drive or internal hard drive, the unit need to be connected to the Windows XP SP2 system with the Revolution SDK. The host system then need to launch the code using the ODEM program (optical disc emulation).


There are 6 known versions  of the NDEV. Version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 are extremely rare and might only have been used briefly by Nintendo.  Version 2.0 would be the final build when it comes to internal components aside the Bluetooth communication. Version 2.01 (rare) is the first version that supports the Wireless controller of the Wii, but still had 4 wired ports. The version 2.1, the most common version, is the same as version 2.01 but reduce the number of wired port from 4 to 1.


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