Sanyo Agenda-Game

Console Name: Agenda-Game
Release Date: 1996
Country of Origin: Italia
Manufacturer: Sanyo
Publisher: Mulino Bianco
Developer: Sanyo
Number of Games Cartridges: 3
Predecessor: Giocatraduci

The Agenda-Game is a PDA / gaming handheld released by Sanyo in 1996. The console was exclusively available through the Mulino Bianco reward program as the item COD 2571. Mulino Bianco is an Italian cookie brand that belong to Barilla, and Italian food company known for their pasta. Therefor, the console was only distributed in Italia.The console replaced the Giocatraduci in the Mulino Bianco catalog.

The Agenda-Game came with the game Grand Prix, the only game release for this system, but is backward compatible with Giocatraduci game library which included two games : a fully licensed port of Pac Land and a 8-Games cartridges.

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