Giocatraduci by Sanyo

Console Name: Giocatraduci
Release Date: 1995
Country of Origin: Italia
Manufacturer: Sanyo
Discontinued In: 1996
Number of Games Cartridges: 2
Successor: Agenda-Game

The Giocatraduci (or the TR117C) is a personal translator/gamingĀ  handheld made by Sanyo (in 1995?). The name Giocatraduci come from the Italian “Gioca Traduci” which means Play and Translate. The console was only distributed in Italia.

The Giocatraduci seems to have originally been sold in stores with the 8-games cartridge. The remaining stock was then bought by Mulino Bianco, an Italian cookie brand that belongs to Barilla, and Italian food company known for their pasta. Mulino Bianco added the Giocatraduci item COD 4887 of their awards catalogue. The console could then be acquired through the Mulino Bianco reward program. The main difference between the two versions is that Mulino Bianco came with an additional cartridge: a fully licensed port of Pac Land. The box now a generic Mulino Bianco award box and although the console still bare the TR117C model on the back, it’s referred to by WL-117c in the provided manual.

In 1996, Mulino Bianco replaced the Giocatraduci by the Agenda-Game which uses the same game format and added one game to the library.

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