Super Lady Cassette Vision

Console Name: Super Lady Cassette Vision
Original Name: スーパー カセットビジョン レディースセット
Release Date: 1985
Original Price: ¥19,300
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Epoch
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Following the release of the Super Cassette Vision, Epoch had a hard time countering the domination of the Nintendo Famicom. Epoch tried different avenues including publishing western games. In 1985, the decided to publish a game called René Van Dahl Horoscope Milky Princess. As the game was designed toward female games, Epoch thought this could translate in a new unexplored market segment and thus decided to release a special edition of the console called the Super Lady Cassette Vision.

Release in 1985, the Super Lady Cassette Vision is the first console to be specifically marketed for girls. It is also the first limited edition console. There is, of course, some console that came in different versions prior to the Super Lady Cassette Vision by Epoch (for example, the Astrocade came in many different forms including a white variation of the console that was exclusively sold by Montgomery Ward), but these consoles were considered variation and not limited editions. The Super Lady Cassette Vision is completely pink and has its own original logo. The console itself came in a pink transport box that included the console, the power supply and the game René Van Dahl Horoscope Milky Princess.

Sadly for Epoch, very few of these consoles were sold and the world had to wait another 10 years for the release of the Casio Loopy before another manufacturer would try their chance with a console dedicated to female gamer.

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