TV Casino Series: TV Bingo for RCA Studio II

Console Name: RCA Studio II
Release Date: Unreleased
Country of Origin: United States of America

Following the release of the release of the RCA Studio II, RCA started to work almost immediately on the RCA Studio III. The main reason being that the RCA Studio II was, upon release, already technologically behind its competitor. While the RCA Studio III, which would have introduced color to the console, was being developed, RCA already started the production of RCA Studio III compatible games. As the game were backward compatible with the RCA Studio II, they would be released as RCA Studio II games for the time being , but would have been used to boast the line-up of games upon the RCA Studio III release. TV Bingo was the next game schedule to be released on the system, but RCA decided to pull the plug on the system before it’s released. Although it was never mass-produced or commercially available, some copies of TV Bingo were manufactured.

In the end, RCA decided not to go forward with the RCA Studio III and sold all of their Intellectual Properties, including Bingo to the Conic group.  Bingo was later released as an official RCA Studio III game by Conic.

The game includes 20 bingo cards and 150 marker chips.


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