Apollo 80 Programmable Video Game by Academy

Console Name: Apollo 80 Programmable Video Game
Release Date: 1978
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Conic Group (康力集團)
Publisher: Wrapid Manufacturing Ltd,
Developer: RCA
Built In Games: 4
Predecessor: RCA Studio II
Related to:
- Conic M-1200 Microprocessor Programmable TV Game
- Hanimex Jeu TV Programmable MPT-02
- Mustang 9016 Telespiel Computer
- Sheen M-1200 Micro-Computer
- Trevi M-1200 Micro-Computer
- Soundic Victory Home TV Programmer (MPT-02)

After the acquisition of the RCA Studio III Intellectual properties by the Conic Group (康力集團), Conic reached out to various subsidiaries and other affiliates to distribute their newest console in various countries. For Germany, Conic contacted Wrapid Manufacturing Ltd,  a newly formed company at the time, specializing in circuit boards, be the local distributor. As the company had no brand recognition, they choose to brand the product as Apollo.

From their offices located at 250 Thornton Road, Bradford, BD1 2LB, Trevi started the distribution of the Apollo 80 Programmable Video Game. The console mold, although very similar to the other consoles of the M-1200 series, have square edges instead of round one. As such, the Apollo 80 Programmable Video Game is the only RCA Studio III based console that have a unique molding.

The console came with 4 built-in games:

  • Doodle
  • Pattern
  • Bowling
  • Black Jack 1 & 2

Although it is expected that all 13 games were released for this console, so far, only 9 games were identified. All RCA Studio II and RCA Studio III games are compatible with the system.


1 – Pinball
2 – Star Wars
3 – Biorhythm
4 – School House 2/Math Fun Games
5 – ? 6 – Concentration Match
7 – Baseball
8 – ? 9 – Speedway/Tag
10 – Spacewar Intercept
11 – Fun with Numbers
12 – ?
13 – ?
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