SuperMicro Serial List

This is a list of confirmed Serial Number for the Palmtex SuperMicro. Although we were able to confirm that only 30,000 units were created (of which only 5,000 were sold and the rest destroyed), nobody was able to explain the serial number patterns. At the moment, it seems that all serial number starts either with 3L,4A or 4B and that only one model number exists.

Serial # Model #
4A007990 9000 R1
3L005366 9000 R1
4A000622 9000 R1
3L007970 9000 R1
4A025048 9000 R1
3L009273 9000 R1
4B000887 9000 R1
4A032487 9000 R1
4B001773 9000 R1
4A008078 9000 R1
4A040289 9000 R1
4A009078 9000 R1
4A033865 9000 R1
4A040129 9000 R1
4A044838 9000 R1


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