In2it by Philips

Manufacturer: Philips
Unit Sold: A few hundreds
Number of Games: 10
Country of Origin: Netherlands

Select-A-Game by Entex

Manufacturer: Entex
Original Price: $54.99
Unit Sold: 15,000
Number of Games: 6
Country of Origin: United States of America

Gizmondo by Tiger Telematics

Manufacturer: Tiger Telematics
Original Price: £229 / £129
Unit Sold: 25.000
Number of Games: 14
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

WonderSwan by Bandai

Original Name: ワンダースワン
Manufacturer: Bandai
Original Price: ¥4,800
Unit Sold: 1,550,000
Number of Games: 113
Country of Origin: Japan

Game Pocket Computer by Epoch

Original Name: ゲームポケコン
Manufacturer: Epoch
Original Price: ¥12,000
Number of Games: 5
Built-in Games: 2
Country of Origin: Japan

digiBLAST by Nikko

Manufacturer: Nikko Entertainment B.V.
Original Price: 79.95€
Unit Sold: 100,000
Country of Origin: Netherlands