Supervision by Watara

Alternate Name: QuickShot Supervision
Hartung SV-100
泰可BOY (Tiger Boy)
Magnum Supervision

Original Price: $49.95 U.S.
Number of Games: 66 games on 69 cartridges

Game Master by Hartung

Alternate Name: Super Game by Hartung (France)
Game Tronic by Hartung (France)
Game Master by Videojet (France)
Game Plus by Delplay (France)
Game Master by Virella Electronics (Italia)
Systema 2000 by Systema (UK)
Manufacturer: Hartung
Publisher: Hartung / Videojet / Delplay / Systema / Impel / Watara / Virella Electronic
Number of Games: 19
Country of Origin: Germany

Gamate by Bit Corporation

Original Name: 超級小子
Alternate Name: 超級小子 (Super Boy)
超级神童 (Super Child Prodigy)
Manufacturer: Bit Corporation (普澤)
Original Price: US$69 / £59.99
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Pokémon Mini by Nintendo

Original Name: ポケモンミニ
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Original Price: ¥3990
Number of Games: 10
Country of Origin: Japan

Columbia Home Arcade by CBS

Publisher: CBS
Developer: Coleco
Original Price: $49.95
Unit Sold: 10,000
Country of Origin: United States of America